Sagar Mandiya is a graduate student pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science at Boston University. He is currently in Massachusetts, USA. He has a passion for for all things computer related; solving any problem that peaks his interest, from choosing components and building up a computer, to making some interesting project based on Deep Learning. His research interests lie in the use of neural networks to mimic human traits; especially performing repetitive tasks on auto-pilot thereby minimising resource usage. He is also particularly interested in generative AI and its applications towards a less-code era.

Sagar has also worked on several projects involving Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing(NLP) and has experience working as a Computer Vision Engineer. He is currently seeking an internship in the field of machine learning and software development. When he's not coding, you can find him indulging in some soccer (he's a Madridista - so be warned!) or honing his skills in video games. Rumor also has it that he has recently picked up some mean cooking skills. And ofcourse his hobbies also include writting about himself in the third person :)