Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant at Boston University
(Bitlab @ BU-Questrom School of Business & Department of Computer Science @ BU-MET)
Apr, 2023 - Present
Derived meaningfull insights on one of the largest data available for the study on autistic children. Explored the intricacies of Transformer models, specifically focusing on its uses and enhancement in Generative AI for music generation.
Graduate Teaching Assistant at Boston University
BU-Questrom School of Business
Jan, 2023 - Apr, 2023
Conduct office hours for the class of BA820 - Unsupervised & Unstructured Machine Learning and helped Professor in developing learning activities.
Computer Vision Engineer at TensorGo Technologies
May, 2022 - Aug, 2022
Developed Virtual Perimeter Overlay to overlay the advertisement banners on a recorded soccer game highlights.
Associate Computer Vision Engineer at TensorGo Technologies
September, 2021 - May, 2022
Develop production level Answer Verification system (AVS) to verify the integrity of an answer provided in an interview use-case. Leverage Nvidia NGC stack along with NEMO for speech synthesis.


Masters of Science in Computer Science from Boston University
2022 - 2024
As a computer vision enthusiast, enhancing my understanding of the field with my masters in computer science at Boston University with pertinent courses like Artificial Intelligence, Foundation Machine Learning, Web Mining Analytics.
Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering from Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research
2017 - 2021
Officially started my computer science career, learned a lot on Machine Learning and Deep Learning with a lot of projects on the same, while also participating in many extra curricular activities like hosting quizes and food stalls in the cultural fests.













Neural networks with rhythmic flow

in progress

Deep Fake Detection : Survey of Facial Manipulation Detection Solutions



Deep Learning Specialization

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Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow

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Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial, Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

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Machine Learning

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Introduction to HTML5

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Databases and SQL for Data Science

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Python Data Structures

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Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

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